Sherper's Price Match Guarantee

We meet (and usually beat!) product prices from all local competitors as well as national and online retailers. 

Who/What We Match:

  • At the time in which you purchase an item, we will match any local retail competitor's in-store or online price. We will also match prices from national and online retailers with some exclusions (see below).
  • Our price match guarantee covers price matching on identical items that are in stock at the competitor at the time of purchase.
  • When matching identical items from online retailers, any shipping costs that retailer charges will be used to calculate the price we will match to (i.e. If the online retailer is selling a certain kayak for $700 + $150 for shipping, we will match the total cost of $850).
  • Our price match guarantee covers the acceptance of valid coupons from any major national retailer.
  • If we lower the price of any of our products within the return window of when you purchased the product, we will match to the lower price.



  • Although we will gladly match the price of items sold on and other large retailers, our policy does not cover items sold through any third party/auction sellers such as Ebay, Craigslist, etc. as it is difficult for us to judge the legitimacy of the items' condition and authenticity when sold through these channels.
  • Our policy does not cover price matching items sold through stores or websites in which a customer subscription is needed to receive those prices.
  • Our policy does not cover special orders on items that are currently out of stock.
  • Our policy does not cover any mail in offers, financial offers, credit card offers, or clearance/closeout offers.



  • This policy is valid as of 9/1/2015 and is subject to change at any time
  • All price matches must be validated and approved by a Sherper's Manager. In order to validate the price a Manager will confirm that the item is identical to ours (color, year, model, SKU number, etc.) is in stock at the competitor, and that the price is correct.
  • All price match transactions will require the customer's name, phone number, and email address for the internal tracking purposes. We will not share any of this information, however, Sherper's may elect to use your information to send you information on future deals/promotions.