NITE IZE Steelie Windshield Mount Component

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NITE IZE Steelie Windshield Mount Component
The Windshield Mount features an adjustable aluminum arm and suspended Steelie ball design. The adjustable arm can be easily secured to match the angle of your windshield, while the round shape of the Steelie ball allows for endless viewing angles of your device. The patented suction cup design at the base of the Windshield Mount features a lever which is used to reinforce the suction cup for ultimate holding power to your windshield. It also acts as a quick release lever when you want to remove it to put it in another vehicle.

  • Windshield mount has adjustable aluminum arm with suspended Steelie ball design
  • Windshield mount uses patented suction cup design for ultimate holding power
  • Windshield mount features suction cup with lever for reinforcement/quick release
  • Adjusts and holds at any viewing angle