Nose Jammer Gear-N-Rear Wipes

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Nose Jammer Gear-N-Rear Wipes
Nose Jammer All Purpose Body Wipes are made with the same secret formula found in all Nose Jammer products. The convenience of the field wipes make it perfect for your gear pack or pocket. Use the field wipes to wipe down your bow, tree stand, trail camera, face, body or hands making sure everything you come into contact with doesn't compromise your hunt.

  • STAY CLEAN AND KEEP HUMAN ODORS TO A MINIMUM: Formulated for use on your body as well as your hunting gear
  • SOFT ON SKIN TOUGH ON DIRT: Cleans, refreshes & moisturizes your body
  • CONTAINS (20) 8 x 6 inch moist wipes in a convenient, RESEALABLE package that will keep wipes moist even after opening
  • SCIENTIFICALLY DEVELOPED: Utilizes vanillin and other ORGANIC compounds common to deer and elk habitats delivered at concentrated levels to effectively JAM, or OVERLOAD the animal's sense of smell