Nose Jammer Dryer Sheets

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Nose Jammer Dryer Sheets
Prevents static cling. Softens clothes. Won't leave residue in your dryer. Solid construction from a brand you can trust. Product is known for getting the job done.

  • LEAVE CLOTHES FEELING SOFTER: Each sheet contains a thin layer of lubricant that helps to prevent excessive electrostatic build-up which leaves clothes feeling much softer
  • KEEP HUMAN ODORS TO A MINIMUM: Utilizes same compounds as the rest of the Nose Jammer line of products
  • DRYER STAYS CLEAN: Won’t leave residue in your dryer
  • SCIENTIFICALLY DEVELOPED: Utilizes vanillin and other ORGANIC compounds common to deer and elk habitats delivered at concentrated levels to effectively JAM, or OVERLOAD the animal's sense of smell