FITS 15-20 mmHg Non-Cushioned Compression Wool Socks

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Avian-X A-Frame Waterfowl Blind

Redefined field mobility and portability, the new Avian-X A-Frame Blind offers the next best thing to total invisibility in marshes, fence lines, waterways, and even open fields. Don't waste time searching for cover; take it with you. The A-Frame Blind features a noncorrosive aluminum modular frame complemented by a rugged 900-Denier Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades shell. Grass straps and pockets incorporated into the blind's outer cover allow for quick, easy and complete concealment using natural vegetation, while the A-frame design eliminates those bird-flaring hard edges and shadows so common with other blinds. Measuring 96" L x 60" W x 48" H and weighing 26 pounds, the A-Frame blind comes complete with four adjustable gun clips and EZ-Carry webbing strap, which makes packing the A-Frame into the field a cinch.