Wisconsin Valentine's Day Date Ideas

When you love the outdoors as much as we do, sometimes a fancy dinner reservation just won't cut it for your valentine. Unfortunately weather in Wisconsin is unpredictable, meaning Valentine's Day could bring sunny skies and a decent temperature, or it could be freezing with plenty of snow on the ground. If you have an outdoorsy special someone you're planning to share the day with, it's always a good idea to have a few options in mind so that you can be prepared no matter what Mother Nature decides to bring your way. 

Cold Weather:

  • Ice Fishing: If the ice is thick and you're looking for a cozy atmosphere, take your loved one out on the lake for some quality time in the ice shanty. You can even mark your favorite "honey hole" in advance with this No Trespassing Tip-Up from Beaver Dam! 
  • Winter Camping: What's more romantic than getting cozy under the stars in a tent with the one you love? There are plenty of great winter camping spots around Wisconsin, and we've got the gear you need to make the most of your winter camping excursion. Pack for warmth and comfort, and make sure your gear is rated to those cold, Wisconsin winter temps. 

Warmer Weather:

  • Winter Kayaking: Get in the spirit of spring and summer with some quality time on the water! If the rivers and lakes aren't frozen, grab your kayak or canoe, pack a cooler, and enjoy some fresh air. Southeastern Wisconsin has a large variety of lakes and rivers to explore, and our staff has visited many. Give us a call or stop in for some recommendations. If the weather is cooperating, you might as well enjoy it now, because for all you know it could snow next week! 
  • Take a Hike: Fill your Sherper's pack with some chocolates, snacks or even sandwiches, and take your sweetie to one of the many scenic trails in our region for a nice hike and picnic. If you're looking for a great view, try Lion's Den Gorge & Nature Preserve in Grafton, or Lapham's Peak near Delafield. 


  • A Visit to Your Favorite Pub: While trying new places can be fun, sometimes the most romantic dates are spent at favorite, "go-to" spots. The familiar atmosphere creates an environment where you can feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy conversation with great company. Bring along a little surprise for your special someone to help keep their drink cold, like a Stormy Kromer or YETI drink jacket. 
  • Make a Valentine's Day Meal with American-made Lodge Cast Iron: The only cast iron made in America, Lodge has what you need to make a delicious meal that he or she will love. Whether it is breakfast in bed or a classy dinner, you'll be able to show off your cooking skills on a product proudly make in the USA.
  • Bring Your Special Someone Shopping at Sherper's: When you're just not sure what to surprise your significant other with, a trip to Sherper's can be just the solution. Maybe they'd like a gas mask to wear when they wish you would just take a shower after a long day of fishing, or a nice new bug jacket to protect them from those pesky insects when you drag them out on a hunt. Or even a pair of ear plugs for when you're practicing that new duck call you bought last season. Our staff would love to share this special day with you and your loved one, and help find the perfect gift!