Top 10 Waterfowl Must Haves

Top 10 Waterfowl Must Haves

Sep 10th 2019

Attention all waterfowl hunters! The experts here at Sherper's have compiled a list of our Top 10 items you should be looking at for your hunts this fall. We have personally tested each and every item on this list, and we stand behind all of these in terms of durability and making your life easier during your hunts. Whether you hunt fields, marshes, rivers, or lakes, there is something on this list you know you will become part of your "can't live without" list for hunting gear. 

1. Avian-X Wood Duck Decoys 6 Pack

We carry a lot of decoys, but these are some of our favorites. Avian-X always does a great job capturing the look and posture of the real thing while creating their decoys, but the real selling point is their durability. With their superior rubberized molding material and non-chip paint, these decoys are set to last for many, many hunts.

2. Avery Outdoors Real Grass 4 PackYour four-legged hunting buddy may be #1 on your "hunter's best friend list," but these will come in at a close second. Whether your'e working on your boat blind, ground blind, or pit blind, these 4'x4' grass mats are the perfect solution for camouflage. Made of durable palm leaves and woven together in a double knot/double woven weave these suckers hold up. They can even be painted to match your specific surroundings. These are always one of the first things out the door during the waterfowl season, so come get yours while we still have stock!

3.& 4. Avery Outdoors Trac Loc Push Pole and Avery Outdoors Marsh FootIf you're looking for the perfect push pole/marsh foot set, Avery is again the best in class. Made from rust proof aluminum and stainless steel brings the durability you trust from Avery, and the adjustability/collapsibility of the pole makes it perfect to store in almost any boat box. These are a necessity for any boat hunt this fall.

5. Avery Outdoors 12' Decoy Gaff

Another necessity for any boat hunter is Avery's decoy gaff. Again Avery uses aluminum and stainless steel for durability in this compacting gaff that is sure to hold up during your hunt.

6. Multiple Lifetime Decoy Texas RigsIf you're not using Lifetime Decoy's Texas Rigs on your decoys, you're missing out. A buyer and staff favorite, these are the ultimate decoy rigs in terms of durability and avoiding annoying tangling that can take you away from time you should be spending calling in the flock.

7. Banded Tripod Blind StoolWe're not gonna lie, there are less expensive blind stools on the market, but this thing is too well built to not feature. With its extremely comfortable seat and 360 smooth gliding swivel, our staff raves about this as the best blind stool money can buy.

8. ALPS Outdoorz Wetland Seat

If the marsh is where you are doing most of your hunts, this is the seat for you. It is compact yet comfortable and is one of the best for securing in the muck so that you are not needing to readjust it during your hunt. And here's the kicker.... we are closing it out at $29.99 due to a graphic change that ALPS made in 2019!

9. ALPS Outdoorz Backpack Blind Bag

Here's another great deal from ALPS! Normally $129.99, we are closing these out at $69.99! Again, ALPS made a graphic change for 2019 so we scooped up a bunch of the 2018 model to offer you one of the best blind bags on the market at almost half the regular price. This pack is loaded with a ton of great features, but our favorites are the durable self-standing hard bottom construction along with the choke tube holders, shell loops, and drop down gun boot to haul all of your hunting necessities. You can also tell this pack was designed by hunters as it comes equipped with a removable LED light that makes life easier while rummaging through your pack before the sun comes up.

10. Delta Waterfowl Dog Stand

Another great deal from us this hunting season is this dog stand. Normally $99.99 we are currently running a special at $69.99! The stand's frame is made from durable aluminum, it has wedge feet for added support, and the TechMesh platform provides a taught and sturdy platform that prevents puddling even with your hunting dog perched on top. This is another must have for anyone venturing out to the marshlands of Wisconsin (or any state for that matter) this fall.

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